March 03, 2008

(Post-inebriated conversation)
Anjali (Asking punal's cousin kunal) : How did you come over when you came

Punal (laughing hysterically) : What kinda fucked up english is that
Anjali : Okay wtv, i meant when you came over how did you come?
Kunal (joining the laughter) : And that sound highly perverted too
Anjali : Uff! I'm just trying to find out what bleddy route did you take moron

Anjali : Pintu you don't know shit, prague is in EU.

Priyank : Yaar if I was good at geography, then wouldn't I have become an Archaeologist

During Weekend Southall Shopping Trip :
Anjali : Guys, can you wait a bit after we're done shopping, I need to go to the parlour

Priyank : Arey, that reminds me, even i need to go for a haircut
Dalip : Then just go with anj

Priyank : Dude she isn't going to a unisex parlour
Dalip : Don't worry, just go to the parlour and tell them, so what if you're not unisex - I am!

Punal : Dude if anjali wasn't here.. i'd be abusing you SOOO much!

(after few mins)
Bhavuk : You wish you could abuse me don't you?
Punal (eyes closed) : Don't worry - I AM abusing you! (mentally)

'Dee' - I saw this chick on facebook yeah.... and I "POOOOOKED" her !

(Discussing pick up lines)
Bhavuk - The best thing i like to do is just send a drink over to the girl's table!
Punal (staring at bhav incredulously) - Abbe saale tu na James Bond nahin hai!!

(A song starts)

Anjali - Pleassseee change that song
Punal (over-exaggerated tone) - You DONT like this song?
Anjali - No man I love this song... just too much shit attached to it!
Punal - Oh you wanna talk about it?
You wanna share?
You need a shoulder to cry on?
Bhavuk - Now that's what I call a really tacky pick up line!

(Ordering From Domino's Completely Stoned)
Bhavuk : Hello! Do you do deliveries?
Punal : Nahin Saale Theka Khol Rakha Hai Unhone!

(Me packing my stuff from Bhavuk's House)
Dee - Hey looks like you're going on a Holiday!
Anjali (mumbling to herself) - i need to start crashing at my own place.... i need to start crashing at my own place...i need to start crashing at my own place..

Bhavuk making a random remark -
Punal - Na Ch*******!!
OH fuck! That just slipped out..oh shit m' sorry... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!

Anjali : We should reach office by about 10:05
(after a while)
Bhavuk : Nah we'll reach at 10:10
Anjali : WHY?
Bhav : Cause the train has just gone slower
Anjali : Dude wtf are u doing - speed = distance upon time!

Pintu (to Vaibhav) - Hamesha meri kyun lete ho, mein kabhi tere daddy ke baare mein kuchh bolta hoon kya?
Vaibhav - teri aukaat hai?
Pintu - Oh..Sorry!

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