February 21, 2009

So this is my thirty (wonder who came up with that number twnety - five anyway)

Been seeing this thread on facebook, and having been tagged again and again, thought of doing my own pointers. But instead of publishing them on Facebook, I figured a blog would be a more appropriate place for this act of narcissism. After all this is my page, and if you're here and reading these, you can't complain about anything. (P.S. - Thanks for stopping by)

Here goes...

1) I once fell in love with someone who came as close to Howard Roark as is humanly possible. It was a brief affair lasting a few months. But something I cherish till date.

2) At the age of seven I wanted my own law firm in chicago ( don't know why chicago, that was probably the only foreign city I knew of then) , then over the years i forgot about my childhood dream and instead wanted to be an astronaut, archaeologist, journalist, children's right's activist, movie editor. In today's date I am back to my old rugged dream, but in Manhattan.

3) I once told my dad at dinner table about studying archaeology as my major in college. He stared at me blankly for a moment, then handed me a fork and asked me to go dig our garden. He told me if I find something there, he would sponsor my degree. I never picked up the topic again ;)

4) I have a strange obsession for egyptian history, and feel a previous birth connection.
I sometimes think I was Cleopatra in my previous birth :P

5) I want to do shark water diving before I turn 25.

6) I have hated almost every moment spent in Cardiff. Its a dull rustic city, full of wannabe desis who know nothing about life beyond nightclubs.

7) I love art, and intend on having a beautiful artistic home where every piece of decor' would be handpicked by me from around the world.

8) From the age of 10-12 I had convinced myself of having water phobia and used to start screaming if taken more than three feet into the sea (when I already knew how to swim).

9) Music evokes the strongest emotions in me.

10) I don't follow conventions, and its not something i plan and do, its just something that happens to me all the time. I envy people with boring predictable lives, and hope someday I'll have that too.

11) I never think too much before taking risks, and never get too comfortable in one place. Whatever happens, face it :P

12) I've never regretted any decision I've ever made in matters of life.

13) I have regretted almost every decision I've ever made in matters of love.

14) I love the concept of relationships and have never had a fling, ever. I'm either in or out. Although, I have harmlessly flirted on numerous occasions.

15) The only truth of life I know of is, Karma. It always comes to bite you in the ass.

16) For me, a bunch of red roses would make a far more precious gift, than the most expensive diamond in the world. I have absolutely no value for materialistic things.

17) I don't identify with any religion, and I partly thank/blame my parents for this. If anyone knew my entire life history they would be astounded as to how I turned out normal.

18) I don't understand double standards, and am horrible at pretending. I'd rather say what's on my mind, and never see the person again.

19) I don't understand the concept of shopping therapy.

20) I do believe in 'Love is all you need'

21) Einstein pops into my head atleast once during a lazy day.

22) I once jumped off a moving train, and then back on, and then off again and then back on ( and so did my friend in another compartment). No it was not some sort of a game or a ridiculous new way of committing suicide. It was confusion led, but makes one of 'thee' most fun memories of my life.

23) I still idolize the old fashioned Mills and Boons man, who will sweep me off my feet. Vulgarity of any kind turns me off, completely.

24) I have studied in six different schools, and lived 7 different cities spread in 4 different countries. This alternates between being my strength and my weakness on different occasions.

25) I have a 30 second long attention span, when it comes to watching tv.

26) I love beatles to death since the age of 8.

27) My favorite festival in the whole wide world is Diwali.

28) I don't believe in destiny, and think its all about carving your own life. I'm not in the movie industry, so have no comments or opinions 'on luck'.

29) I think Malcolm Gladwell books should be made a compulsory read.

30) I tend to listen to the same song on repeat for days, until I (and people around me) get completely sick of it.


  1. Thats whole lot of list. I liked especially No 15( You got great sense of humor)