March 03, 2009


  1. Wow!

    I thought you were only sharing that article, so I didn't care to tell you how interesting I thought it was :)

    I'm sure it involved tonnes of research... great job!

  2. Thanks Mihir!

    It is perhaps substance which made that writing piece worthwhile, although doesn't compare to the humour you bring in yours.

    Its always Wit Over Intellect (not saying you lack either :))

  3. Speaking of humour, I'm just going through a site which has some awesome lawyer jokes!

    I'll forward you the... uh, nevermind! :P

  4. Look closely Mihir, I might be the most frequent contributor to that site =P

    If you can't defeat them join em'!

    Link? :)

  5. Oh yes, I didn't check that bit but I take your word.

    Why don't you up for the link yourself though - your Google is as good as mine :P

    I'm sure you won't mind digging up some links ;)

  6. Yeah.

    # 31 - I tend to do random things on my blog, since I don't have a horde of viewers.

    (Glad someone noticed, I feel loved again =P)

  7. :)

    Quite ironical, considering that the post you deleted talked about changing your mind in the first place :P